Real Success Stories
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2017 Fayetteville, NC Mayoral election:
Our client: Mayor Mitch Colvin

The 2017 Fayetteville, NC mayoral race was 3 seasoned politicians; the incumbent Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, a City Councilman and citizen. In the primary our client took an impressive 45% of the votes and in the November 7th 2017 mayoral election, won with a commanding 59% of the votes. The incumbent Mayor on record reported having more campaign funds and was unsuccessful in maintaining the Mayor’s office.

May 2018 Cumberland County Sheriff primary:
Our client: Sheriff Wright

- Sheriff Wright got 13,003 votes or 82.7% in the Democratic race
- Marks got 1,890 votes
- Davis got 831 votes

- Baxley got 3,669 votes or 54 % in the Republican race
- Sallie got 1,164 votes
- Starling got 1,020 votes
- Windham got 944 votes
* According to unofficial vote records and newspaper article, Sheriff Wright got more votes than all the other 6 candidates put together.

July 2018 Horry County, SC School Board Chair race:
Our client: Ken Richardson

Was favored NOT to WIN & WON BIG. (see article link here). He won by a large margin, 71% of the votes, on a low vote 2% voter turnout. His WIN was so great, the Democratic candidate dropped out of the coming November 6th  general race, making him instant winner this November 2018. (see article link here)

With 3,386 votes, representing 71 percent of the ballots, Richardson, an Horry-Georgetown Technical College board member and retired owner of Fowler Motors, beat out both District 5 board member Janice Morreale and retired teacher Pat Milley.

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